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Welcome to Fence Company Dothan AL! We are one of the top fencing companies in Dothan and it’s no wonder why 9 out of 10 people choose us to build the highest quality fences. Our customers love us for our outstanding and professional work.

We help everyone in the entire area. We’ve repaired, installed, and serviced many different fences in Dothan and surrounding areas and hope to help more people for many more years!

Why Us?

Some people find us by searching “fence companies near me”  or “fencing Dothan Al“, but most of our customers are the family, friends, and neighbors referred to us be our past customers!

It is our number 1 responsibility to make sure our customers are happy. And that starts with us building high quality fences and treating people right. We are easy to work with and we know you will love our work (and our prices). We have many services to offer, so make sure to contact us to determine how we can help you!


Services For Fencing Dothan AL

We provide many services for any type of property owner. We can help get your commercial fencing needs met as well as residential. If you need a fence on your property, we can typically get it done!

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link is the most affordable and popular option id Dothan AL. Chain link is great because it can last a very long time and isn’t expensive to install. Chain link also comes in many different styles and colors as well!

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is great because it’s strong and durable and can last a very long time! Vinyl comes in many different colors and styles and has many benefits to any homeowner, requiring almost no maintenance!

Fence Repair Dothan Al

If your fence is damaged and you are in need of our fence repair contractors, we can help you! We come to your property to see what the damaged fence looks like and assess the best course of action and can typically repair it without needing to completely tear it down and replace it with a new one. Contact us today to fix or mend your fence!

Wood Fences

Wood fencing is very popular in Dothan. Wood is affordable and looks great on any property. It’s generally used in residential fence applications because of it’s warm wood feel that is easily customizable. Wood comes in many styles and can be painted or stained.

Privacy Fencing

There are many different types of fences that you can install if you are looking for privacy. Privacy fences can be made out of wood, vinyl, chain link, etc. It all depends on your budget and the look and style you are going for!

Ornamental Fencing

If you want a rod iron fence, we can help you! Our ornamental fences are made from aluminum with the look and feel of wrought iron. Aluminum fencing looks amazing and provides great security for any property.

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Fencing Companies Dothan Alabama

There are things within a fence company that you want to make sure are there before you hire them to repair or build your fence. We are proud to say that we all of these characteristics:

Always Free Quotes

We will never charge you when we come out to give you  quote. Whether you need a fence repair, are wanting to replace your fence, or need a new fence installed, we will give you a fair and honest price of what it will take to use our fence services. 

Licensed Bonded & Insured

Have the peace of mind knowing that you are protected if someone is on your property installing a fence. A fence contractor should be licensed to build a fence at your property and have the proper insurances and be bonded!


Our manufacturers have a warranty against any fence defects of the products we install at your property. On top of that, we also stand by our work and if you aren’t satisfied or something went wrong with the installation, we will do everything we can to fix the issue at no extra cost to you.

High Quality Materials

We maintain high craftsmanship and part of that is making sure to only use the best materials available from our fence supplier. We get the best products so that they last a very long time on your property. It’s important to get high quality materials so that your new fence is easier to maintain and maintains longevity after it’s installed.

Professional Experience

You want a fence company that is easy to work with and who is honest and will work hard to make sure you are satisfied. We are proud of what we do and our customers are our highest priority. 

Locally Owned & Operated

We are local and that’s important to hire a local fence company that knows the community and understands which fence products are great for the area and which ones just won’t work. 

We also provide Dothan Alabama Fence Services in the Surrounding Areas

  • Midland, AL
  • Ashford, AL
  • Headland, AL
  • Newton, AL
  • Cottonwood, AL
  • Many other surrounding areas

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“Amazing service, amazing company!”

“I am so impressed with how well my fence looks. Well done!”

“These guys are super affordable.”

  • Great Service

    Very professional company. These guys built my fence with such high craft and I would recommend anyone to them!

    Hank Smith
    July 12, 2019
  • I Love My Fence!

    I seriously love my new fence. It looks amazing and these guys were so professional. They did such an amazing job. Thanks!!

    Samantha Jones
    April 29, 2019

Dothan Fence Company FAQs

What is the timeline for a fence installation?

Step 1 – Free Fence Quote

Contact us to schedule your free quote! We will come to your property and give you an idea of what it will cost to help at your property!


We are confident you will like our fence estimate, so then the next step is to schedule your installation date and order your fence materials!


As soon as your materials are delivered, we will get your fence installed! A few days beforehand, we will get your fence posts dug and set in concrete, that way when the materials come in, we will be ready to get it all done!

What is the best fencing material?

This depends on your wants, needs, budget, and purpose of installing a fence are on your property. There is no type of fence that is better than another. To find out which fence is right for you, give us a a call!

How much is a fence?

The cost of a fence depends on the materials uses, how many linear feet you need, the height of the fence, how many gates are needed, and many other factors. If you want to no more about fence prices and how much it will cost on your property, give us a call!

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